Don’t panic when your EV runs out of power. We have put oneplug for you everywhere!

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Lack of charging points
Icon representation of lack of charging points


Easy access EV charging for customers and employees.

High cost of charging stations
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Intelligent, data driven charging solutions to meet all your fleet needs.

Unavailability of real estate
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Find the nearest EV charging point here, there and everywhere.

Our Solution - One Stop Destination

With hundreds of oneplug available across the town.

Forget the range anxiety. Use oneplug app on your mobile to locate the nearest available charging point, book it before you reach there and enjoy hassle free self service charging any time of the day. Oneplug connects with your electric vehicle to suggest you sufficient charging time for your immediate needs. ONEPLUG always ensures nearest charging location with shortest charging time.

Efficient charging wherever you go.

Oneplug knows everything about your e-vehicle and gives you top up charging whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Inbuilt Metering
  • Safe Electric Plug
  • Does Not Require Internet

Power source : 3KW, single phase
Plug socket: 230V, 16 Amps AC
Grounding: <3V between neutral (N) and earth (E)
Safety: Auto reset on fault/no load, residual current protection, short circuit/ surge fault protection, over/under voltage protection

  • Public Infrastructure

    Oneplug can be installed at an available parking space anywhere, does not require a new real estate to be converted as petrol pump. Property owner provides the parking and electricity, self service model does not require additional man power for operations.

  • App Based Search And Book

    Oneplug app shows the nearest available stations for your vehicle. You can book the time duration directly on app. Reach it, Plug it, Charge it.

  • Hassle Free Charging And Payments

    API integration for 4-wheelers calculates the power needs automatically. For other EV, inbuilt metering automatically cuts off power supply after the estimated power is supplied.

Salient Features

Charge Faster, Drive Further.
Oneplug simple access
Oneplug simple access


What makes oneplug unique is, it can be accessed from anywhere, Without depending on mobile app. It works well with mobile app, POS receipt or IVR system and can be activated with a secured code.

Oneplug easy installation
Oneplug easy installation


Oneplug is designed to meet the requirement with a hassle free-installation. It is easy to setup and doesn't need any external meter or internet. Typically it only takes 50-60 minutes to install.

Oneplug zero cost installation
Oneplug zero cost installation


Easy setup with zero cost which is an added feature of oneplug. we only charge minimum per minute,time usage fee for convenient billing. Because it costs only zero idle time electricity.




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