AI-Powered ‘Smart-Engineer’ Developed by IIT Guwahati and IBM to Boost EV Culture.

To improve the usage of Electric Vehicles on the Indian roads the IITG (Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati) announced the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted engineering system design tool: Smart engineer. With the Help of the IBM Watson AI platform and IBM cloud the teams including of the Ph.D and Masters Students – Rajendra Kumar, Bikash Sah, Ankit Vishway and Rjendra Kumar developed the smart engineer.

The “Smart Engineer” was developed in the e-mobility Lab (EML) at IIT Guwahati keeping in mind the primary hurdle of using the EV technology with the people with minimum training in engineering design and system integration. The next question arose was “how can a pool of trained human resources with the technical know- how be created in the shortest possible time? “. To solve this problem IITG’s EML is planning to use an AI. At first EML has developed an AI Based electric motor designer that can help even a fresh design engineer to design a motor for the EV applications.

The Smart Engineer is developed by including all the knowledge that an expert designer have and programmed it into the IBM Watson AI platform hosted on IBM public cloud. This can help the fresh engineer to learn everything that an expert knows without interacting with the experts directly. The smart engineer allows the fresher engineers to obtain the knowledge of an expert in a short time interval and they are also able to scale their progress with it.

Once they obtain the knowledge in the designing they can step into the other domains of EV technologies such as power electronics, Battery management system, Control Systems and more. The ‘smart engineer’ also allow the companies to store and maintain the collective knowledge of their experts which can be preserved and promoted into theoretical and practical methods for further advancements. The collective knowledge can be used in further enhancement and enrichment in the future technology and engineers.