All You Want to Know About an EV Charging Station

What is an Electric vehicle charging station?
An electrical vehicle charging station or the EV charging station as the name suggests is a
charging solution for electric vehicles which are on the run. It provides power solutions for
vehicles with plug-in charging requirements.

Types of EV charging stations

1. Residential charging station
An EV owner can directly hook up his vehicle on to the standard home plug point which charges
the vehicle overnight. There is an intermediate converter that is usually present in between the
plug point and the electric vehicle that regulates and converts the AC from home supply to
suitable form for chagrining the battery. As there is an absence of dedicated wiring system and
separate material, fast charging feature is limited in this form of charging environment.

2. Charging while parking
This form of charging stations is generally a private or commercial venture which offers
charging solution to customers who park their vehicles to utilize a service such as shopping, train
travel or movie. It can either be free of cost or for a fixed-rate depends upon the service provider
and the speed of charging maybe low or high.

3. Dedicated charging stations
Similar to a petrol pump for fossil fuel-powered vehicles, these stations are located at an
intermediate location in an around the route of travel. They are basically range extenders for an
electric vehicle travelling over a long distance and are generally capable of delivering a range
extension of around 80 km in a 10-20 minutes charging window. Special charging materials with
dedicated technology enable the stations to deliver fast charging in a minimum time frame.
Common examples of such charging stations include SAE combines charging system.
CHAdelMO, CCS etc.

4. Battery Swapping
One of the most efficient charging solution under the present technology is battery swapping
where the customer can swap there discharged battery with a new fully charge done in the
battery depots and charging stations. The entire process would take less than 15 minutes and can
extend the range to a maximum based on the vehicle capacity.
Government initiatives- charging stations

In order to promote the use of electric vehicles in Indian streets, the government is taking
initiatives in the area of charging infrastructure such as
1. Modifying guidelines for allowing electric vehicle charging stations to choose their own
infrastructure technology
2. Setting up of public electric charging stations
3. Providing license-free EV charging station permits for private firms