Charging Your Electric Car

The introduction of the electric car is changing the world in a different way, most of the people in the world are switching to electric cars due to the rise in the price of petroleum products As the number of electric car users increases the need for a proper charging portal also increases and there comes a question that, how can I charge my electric car? Which Is the best way to charge my electric car.

How can I charge my electric car?

There are two different ways to charge your electric car

  1. You can install a customized recharge plug in your home.
  2. You can use the public charging stations.

Charging portal at home You can install a customized charging portal at home and use a power chord and a plug that fits your car and use it for charging your car. These sockets and cable are provided along with some of the electric cars, if it’s not provided, you can ask for it to the dealer. And if you know how electricity at home works you can install the socket on your own. If you don’t know about electricity you can hire an experienced electrician to do the work for you.

Public charging stations

The major cities all over the world has these kind of charging stations in parking lots where you can park your car and let the car battery full while you are doing your work. These kind of public charging stations are not free, you have to pay some minimum cost (as compared with petroleums) for charging your car in public charging stations.

Charging your car in India

If you are India you might not be able to see not much of public charging stations, that’s because of that, there isn’t much electric car in India now, but the government expected the numbers can go higher and by 2030 over 25% of cars on the road will be electric powered. So they have distributed a circular to all the states to start planning the work on installing charging stations on both side of the roads on the highway for every 25km.