Disruptive Innovation in EV Charger

Let look at some of the latest innovations in Electric Vehicle chargers that would create
disruption in the EV market

1. Wireless charger
It is something similar to wireless charging used in mobile phones. Imagine a situation where
you just have to park your car and switch on the wireless reception mode and just like magic
when your back your EV is ready to hit the extra mile. The boundaries of this innovation are
endless as this technology would allow the user to charge almost everywhere, even when he is
driving on a smart road. The interesting fact is we don’t have to look that far into the future for a
widespread adaption of this technology as Dubai has already reached the final stage of pilot

2. Extremely high-speed chargers
We have heard of high-speed chargers, but what about the extremely high-speed charger that is
capable of adding another 99 kilometers to your range in less than 3 minutes? Many big names in
the industry like Tesla, BMW and Porsche have already adopted this in their high-end EV
models. This technology will also be accompanied by a new cooling system that would
accelerate the power transfer process.

3. Two-way chargers
As the energy needs are ever-increasing, the introduction of EV’s into the game would further
lighten the burden. But what if there was a two-way energy transfer system that exchange power
between the charging source and the electric car in both directions. On simple terms, EV owners
can get paid by transferring energy to the power grid from their electric car when the demand for
energy is high during peak hours. It seems like a myth but one company, Wallbox has already
taken the baby steps towards creating such a charging unit suitable for the home. This would be
perfect for homes that harness solar energy to charge their cars as the bidirectional charger would
function as a passive income generator.

4. Solar Charging
Solar charging developments are taking place through two fronts; one is aimed at fitting EV’s
with a highly efficient solar panel and the other deal with converting solar energy into electric
energy suitable for usage through charging stations. Envision is one such organization that had
come up with a “Solar Tree” that can be deployed quickly for convenient solar energy capturing,
conversion, and transferring.
With all these technologies on the line, it would be easier for EV’s to capture the conventional
vehicle market that primarily runs of fossil fuels