Dr. Jino Joy Thomas Redefining TVS Electric Bike

Traditional bike enthusiasts were having one common problem when it came to an electric bike,
the absence of a gearbox. They were used to the thrill of shifting gears as and when needed and
happy to hear their two-wheeled beast responding with some extra power. But things might be
brighter for the electric wheelers as an innovative young genius from the state of Kerala was able
to convert a traditional internal combustion engine into an electric one.

Dr. Jino Joy Thomas is that bright brain behind the wheelers who made this happen using a
standard TVS 100cc Victor bike. Usually, electric bikes would have a battery pack coupled to
single motor units that respond similarly to a scooter minus the noise. This one crazy hybrid of a
two-wheeler was a difficult built which turned out to be a hit in Jino’s campus as people started
noticing an ordinary TVS bike running without noise or pollution.

In a regular off the shelf electric scooter, battery-pack hoards almost 20%of the total weight but
surprising enough, the lithium-ion battery pack designed by Jino weighs only around 10 Kg
which is also 50% cheaper than its market competition. The battery pack for this hybrid vehicle
is mounted inside the fuel tank and for convenience, they are split into two. Charging can be
done using two different adapter modules, a 3-amp adaptor that will take approximately eight
hours to fully charge the battery and a 10-amp adaptor that will take only two hours. It is also
impressive that the battery pack is able to deliver a range of 50-60 Km in one single charge.
Rather than a limitation, 60 Km range combined with the light weightiness and compact nature
of the battery will allow the user to carry multiple packs for a long drive.

Jino was also able to maintain the overall weight of the vehicle to max 117 Kg even after adding
a battery and associated components as engine cylinder unit and silencer parts were removed
from the vehicle. The engine was replaced with an electric motor which was coupled with a gear-
clutch mechanism for load reduction. It is also noteworthy that admits all these modifications;
there was no further strengthening or addition done in the vehicle chassis. This innovation is a
testimonial to the heights to which an electric vehicle would reach in the near future, making
everything the same for the rider expect for the fuel they use.