E-Rickshaws Battery Maintenance.

Batteries can be said as the soul of any electric vehicle and it is vital that proper maintenance and
care should be given to the batteries to get the expected returns and efficiency .In order for
battery to maintain a longer life cycle and efficiency proper care should be given to the batteries
on a continuous basis
Here are a few tips for maintaining the batteries used in E- Rickshaws:

1. At least once in every month make sure that the water level inside the battery is at
the optimal level that is between the maximum and minimum marking. Make sure
that the battery water being used is of the highest quality standards that are
available through authorized charging stations
2. If the battery has suffered any external damage, it should be immediately checked
with a trained mechanic and if the condition of the battery is not suitable for
driving make sure that the battery is replaced on an immediate basis.
3.  Terminals of the battery should be checked once in a while for any form of dirt or
rust accumulation especially if the E- Rickshaws are commuted through rough
4. Extra power drain connections over and above the limit of the battery should not
be connected as it would result is faster discharge and malfunctioning of the
5.  While exiting the vehicle all the external connected features such as music system
and light should be switched off
6.  Batteries should not be kept idle for a very long time as it can cause the battery to
wear off very easily.
7.  While cleaning the batteries, make sure that only dry clothes are used and in
terminals some form of petroleum jelly can be used.
8. The tightening screws and clamps that hold the battery in place should be checked
once every couple of months for their tightness and strength to hold the battery in
9.  Battery has the tendency to get corroded over a time period and it is pretty natural
with all the batteries available if any form of corrosion is visible get the battery
checked by a trained mechanic.
10. A proper ventilation system should be provided for the installed battery for faster
heat dissipation, thus resulting in a longer battery life
11. The battery would perform better if it discharged completely and then recharged
to maximum at least once in a month