Electric BICAR Specifications, Review And Price

When it comes to driving their way to work or somewhere else, the most frustrating problem that every four wheeler users face is the traffic. As the number of four wheeler users increases the traffic problem is getting serious these days. Is trying to solve this problem by changing the infrastructure of the roads by building subways, flyovers and more. But the problem has not been solved yet.

Most of the office goers are using their car to go to their office which means there will be only one person in the car. By keeping these kinds of problems in mind a team of young engineers from Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW) started working on an innovative project. As a result, they have invented a new type of Electric mobility called the BICAR.

BICAR is an Eco-friendly car which designed and developed in Switzerland. The car is a three wheeled vehicle. The car is currently in the developing stage , six engineers and industrial designers are working along with ZHAW school of engineering to develop the idea as a completed product that can be used by the people. The concept of BICAR so unique as it is the combination of a bike and a scooter and has an outlook of a mini car


It can go up to 45Km/Hr.

Battery – 1 kWh, 48V, 6.1 Kg.

Dimensions- 1450 x 800 x 1885 mm.

Power- 2kW, In wheel motor.

Solar panel on roof top and front.

Can hold luggages up to 2 shopping bags.

Other features of BICAR include

  • Can be parked anywhere, 9 times smaller than a car.
  • It protects its driver from all weather conditions like snow, rainfall etc.
  • It’s the first three wheeler car that can be driven without the need of a helmet.
  • The price of the BICAR has not been released yet. We can know about its price when it islaunched for public use.
  • The BICAR will be launched in September 2019 in the cities of Winterthur, Baden and Basel.
  • The launch of BICAR can change the way how people go to their office and it can be more effective for the four wheeler users in the cities.