Electric Bicycles by Rayvolt.

Electrically powered future not only have self-propelled, motorized vehicles but also have plans for a more health-conscious set of individuals. One such invention that recently came up in mainstream are E-bikes which can be operated using low powered electric motors or through some good old elbow grease. The latest and most advanced in this line of bikes is the X-one by Rayvolt, a Spanish startup. The bike is a sleek urban street classic that is loaded with intelligent connectivity features.
Besides being powered by a750W hub motor, the X one is available in three trims namely: Smart, Smart + and power. The bike is capable of
achieving a top speed of 45kmph, which is possible through its 42v-16Ah integrated battery pack. In a single charge of fewer than 2 hours using the fast charge technology, the maximum range the bike can be up to around 75km. Since the body is entirely buildup of a low composite frame carbon fiber material, the overall weight of the entire structure is approximately 24 kilograms.
Now moving on to the intelligent connectivity features, the bike than an integrated touch screen present on the main front support frame. The frame comes pre-fitted with a camera module that enables facial recognition for unlocking the bike and this feature effectively denies the non- approvers from riding the bike. The system locks down the drive train platform in the event of a wrong entry or theft effort making the entirestructure immovable on wheels.

X-one tricks are not over yet,
1.  Integrated system intelligence that allows the user to operate the turn indicators by just nodding in the direction they want to turn
2. Voice recognition and voice command operation
3. Extra torque during the uphill journey
4. Regenerative braking that recharges the battery pack while dissenting
5. Live location tracking and remote locking
The price of such a tech-driven e-bike ranges between 2 and 3 Lakh and an early investor on the project can get the bike for a discounted price of around 1.5 Lakh. Even with all these cool features it is highly unlikely that X one would be successful in the Indian market in the recent future due to its price range and lack of support infrastructure. But as the wave of electric automotive is gaining new heights, it would be a matter of years before Indian would be ready to ride on such a piece of technology.