Electric Cars Can Help You Live Longer.

Switching to electric vehicles which are using electricity could significantly reduce the problems of cardiopulmonary illness due to air pollution.This could help the companies avoid employee getting absent for illness and also lead to broad improvements in the length of one’s life span generally.Mitchell House and David Wright, researchers from the university of Ottawa in Canada analyzed the health benefits of driving an electric vehicle and compared them with the cost of expanding electric vehicle and charging infrastructure between 2016 and 2021.


Their study was published in the International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Found that in the majority of the scenarios of balancing growth when the number electric car increases along with the increase of charging stations there is a positive net benefit to society. The study stated that; Since the health benefits accrue to governments, businesses, and individuals, these results justify the use of government incentives for charging station deployment. It also stated that; The savings that can be achieved by 2021 are higher than the cost of installing charging station infrastructure over a wide range of scenarios. Their study also mentioned some controversies that the governments are not interested in supporting the charging infrastructure as the most of the industrial players are involved and their responsibility to carry some of the cost.


These companies include electric utility companies who would profit directly from charging vehicles, out-of-town shopping centers that could attract more customers with charging points in their car parks, the manufacturers of vehicles and a new generation of gas station and operators. We can see how electric vehicles can make a better life for us and shown us what are all the benefits we can attain when we use an electric vehicle instead of the vehicles which runs on fossil fuels. Apart from the controversies there are many governments who are making plans and developing infrastructures toswitch over to the electric vehicle environment, with this study and the actions taken by the government we can see how the future of driving will be.