Electric Vehicle (EV) policy 2020

2019 can be termed as the first gear in the electric vehicle industry both in manufacturing as well
as on the consumption side. With its set of features such as easy to drive, minimal maintenance
and environmentally friendly nature, electric vehicles have taken its baby step on to being
adopted by the masses. Still there exists a lot of gap between what was expected and what the
results have turned out to be. As we flip the calendar pages of 2019 and look for the footprints of
EVs it can easily be pointed out that the sales of EV vehicles were not up to mark. A total of
about 1,309 units of electric cars found its customers during the first eight months which was far
below the sales figures of conventional passenger vehicles that touched the mark of 18 lakh.

Sales report 2019-EV

Manufacturer                    Model                               Sales from April- November (Units)                        Average monthly sales

Mahindra                        e-Verito                                                     513                                                                           64
Hyundai                            Kona                                                        491                                                                            61
Mahindra                          E20                                                          280                                                                            35
Tata                                 Tigor EV                                                    25                                                                                3

Some of the reasons that may have contributed to such low performance in sales figures for the
year 2019 are:
1. Range anxiety among the customers on a single charge
2. Higher price point as compared to the existing conventional internal combustion-powered
3. Limited consumer awareness about the products, its uses, and benefits
4. Fear of limited infrastructural support, either in the form of maintenance support or range
2019 also experienced the intrusion of electric power into the bike segment with Revolt motors
coming up with their two variants for the Indian streets. The performance in the two-wheeler
segment was much better as compared to the four-wheeler range.
In the midst of all this chaos, the government is still going forward with the current plan of
pushing forward the electric energy-powered vehicles. The various policy is already framed and
established in order to help customers to switch over to EV’s, Tax exceptions, subsidies,
government-funded EV support infrastructure are a few of them. Various state governments have
already set there Electric Vehicle Policy in the year 2019.

Understanding the depth and attractiveness of the market, even new entrants such as Morris
Garages (India) are betting on their Electric ZS to bring in additional revenue and capture the
rising market. As the competition gets tight we can be sure that the auto expo in the upcoming
year would definitely be witnessing some innovative electric vehicles from leading