Electric Vehicle Motors: The Next Big Thing

The EV motors are used in boats for over 100 years and they are upgrading their designs regularly. Now within a few years they have gone through rapid technology change and an acquisition frenzy. The new ID Tech EX report, Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles: land, water, Air 2019-2029 explaining in over 30 ten-year forecasts and roadmaps -predicts. At first the numbers are really incredible. The electric vehicle business is entering the rapid growth as part of the sigmoid growth curve of major technologies. It is headed to create a traction motor business in 2029 which can worth in the millions.

It will be double if we include the units in which the integration process are taking place. These integrations may include integration of wheels, axles or transmission. It is possible that the field might reach premium pricing, this is due to the fact that the electric motors are not only seen as simple motors, they are seen as a tool to make new things possible.

For example, apart from electric vehicles the electric motors are used in various fields such as construction, agricultural vehicles which has made the equipment in small size. This result in lower cost and more capable equipment and increased sales.

There are nearly 20 motor propellers on the aircraft wings will exploit the new principle of “distributed thrust”. This might lead to reduce the size of wings by half or reduce the take of length by half the current distance.

Secondly, the price is often rising you cannot buy a starter-motor-generator for the 17 million units market for 48V mild hybrid trucks and cars in 2029 for the same price as a simple single motor. By keeping this research analysis in mind, we can see that the electric motors will be ruling each and every field and they are going to change the way technology work.

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