EV Charging Station Integrated Street Lamps

The integration of electric vehicle support structure on to easily accessible platforms is a
convenient way for promoting widespread EV adoption. A renewable energy solution provider
has come up with an innovative way to achieve it by combining charging stations and street
lamps. Magenta powers, a Mumbai based startup is the brain behind the idea. With backings from the
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, the organization is all set to roll out its EV integrated
street lamps by the end of 2020. This setup would be first of its kind in India and the partnership
with HPCL would enable the organization to offer energy-efficient methods to link both the tech
under one single system. The benefit of such integration is the ease of deployment and street
clutter-reduction that may happen due to other forms of already existing charging stations. It is to
be noted that in the first stage of the roll-out, the charging units will be installed at HPCL retail
outlets across major cities in India. According to Mr. Maxson Lewis (Director- Magenta Power),
the trick here is instead of the car going to a charging station; the charging station now will be
able to come to the parked car.

He also added that the new system is specially designed for
energy-sensitive Indian market and is also price sensitive in terms of installation and operation.
Another modern take on this system is the ability to make payments using the Charge Grid app
one a customer is done with charging. India’s paramount challenge in setting up an EV
ecosystem is the absence of support infrastructure. The only quick fixes have been battery
swapping stations but until and unless multiple solutions are employed, the mainstream of
adoption of EVs becomes a nightmare.

As a push towards electrification of the Indian transport system, Department of Heavy Industries
has approved about 2600 EV charging stations to be commissioned across  24 states and Union
territories under the FAME II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicle in India)
Even though the government is keen to set up a cleaner and greener environment through the
promotion of electric mobility especially in the city area, little was done during the budget
release of 2020. EV enthusiasts were expecting a bit more from the government side during the
presentation but were disappointed with whatever little was announced. Anyways even if the
pace shift is inch by inch, it would be a matter of few years before the EV revolution would be
seen even on Indian Village roads.