Ev Charging Stations In India

The electric car market in India has just started blossoming out, and the global electric car manufacturers like BMW, Hundai and KIA motor are planning to enter the Indian market in the upcoming years. When they start to ambush the Indian market the need for charging stations will also increase in the upcoming years. Currently we are only having a minimum number of charging stations that too in some of the metro cities only.

The Noida based electric startup company EV motors is planning to raise funds over $200 million to set up about 6500 electric charging stations all over India in next 5 years. They came up with this idea immediately after their launch of the first public charging outlet, PlugNgo, at Gurugram.

They have planned to set up 20 more such charging outlets which consist of 4 or 5 charging stations within the next six months of their first launch. These outlets will be set at residential areas, office buildings, mall and parking lots. The founder and managing director of EV motors said that their charging stations will have both Indian and international standards.

He added to his point that the EV market will start rising at then end of 2019, where the global automakers like Maruthi Suzuki, Nissan and BMW are might bring their EV models in India. Not only EV motors got this vision, the government of India is also looking into the future of electric cars are estimated that by 2030 25% of the cars that are running on the streets will be electric cars.

The government has passed a set of guidelines to set up charging station for electric vehicles all over the country for every 25 km. The guidelines will act as a guiding document for the state government and union territories to install these charging stations on each side of 100 kilometer highway for every 25 km.