Hero Electric and CSC Tie up Together to Promote EVs in Rural Areas.

The Electric Vehicles are Eco friendly in many ways, The most important fact that they contribute to
is reducing the environmental pollution. The cities are the most crowded areas of the country and
filled with pollution, it’s obvious we need to switch over to EVs in the urban areas.
But during this rush we miss out the rural areas. The rural areas should also have eco-friendly
transportations in order maintain the peaceful and healthy environment that they already have.

Keeping the rural areas in mind the Hero Electric joins hands with CSC (Common service centers) e-
governance services provide an Eco friendly mobility solutions to consumers in rural areas.
The Hero Electric one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers has agreed to provide products
to consumers via the CSC channel in the tire 2 and tire 3 towns.

The CSC e governance service is a special service that has been developed by the Ministry of
electronics and IT under the companies ACT 1956 to look after the implementation of the CSC
schemes. The common service centers in India are linking various individual directly to the various types of
schemes offered by the government and the Private sector.

Currently there are over 2,50,000 centers with the gram Panchayat and 1,50,000 centers in the
urban cities which act as a common hub for delivering B2C services of the CSC channels to the
consumers in the remote areas of the country.

“As pioneers in the electric Two Wheeler industry in India, this partnership perfectly aligns with our
purpose of the promoting green mobility by identifying opportunities for EV transition even at the
grass roots level,” Hero Electric CEO sohinder Gill said in a statement.
So, From this we are able to see that even the rural areas in India is going to have Eco friendly
mobility solutions in the upcoming years.