Honda to Launch Hybrid Vehicle In 2021

Honda the Japanese car company was having a very good name and fame in the Indian car market. The Honda cars have been on Indian roads since 1995. At the beginning of the year 2018 the Honda cars have announced its launch of hybrid vehicles in the year 2021. But no one knew about the car model and the features or any other details about then new hybrid car.

Recently they have announced that the hybrid model will be implemented in the India spec-city. The Honda city model has been an elegant car in the Indian market. The desire for Honda city has never gone down in the Indian market. And the Honda cars are also upgrading their model regularly.

The chief executive of Honda cars India, Gaku Nakanisi said that the Honda cars are planning to launch many of their hybrid models within three years. The electric cars are not very popular in India because the current generation model is not offered at the price which is affordable by the Indian buyers.

This is why the manufacturers are getting into the manufacturing of hybrid model cars. So the users can switch over to the energy source which is comfortable for them. Indian government is encouraging its car buyers to switch to electric models by giving subsidies and also by offering incentives or tax cut for electric cars.

Honda had launched the accord hybrid model in India earlier, but their sales didn’t go well as they expected. But the government has given assurance to the manufacturers that they will never differentiate the electric and hybrid cars and they both get the same incentive or tax cuts which good for our market.

Even though the government is promoting the EVs, there is no clear roat map on how the future of electric cars will be, we have to wait and see.