Hyundai Electric Kona to Launch In India on July 9, 2019

Hyundai, the Korean car maker is all set to launch its all electric SUV Hyundai Electric Kona in India on July 9, 2019. This is an exciting news for all those are planning to buy and Electric SUV car this year, Hyundai offers its first all electric SUV with a long range in India. When it comes to the looks and the design Hyundai motors did not make many changes to it. The Kona has the same appearance as the standard Kona Which are sold overseas. They have just made a small change to the front grill and they also made some small changes in the bumper.

The Kona is available for driving with two different versions all around the world. One of the versions has the battery capacity of 39 kWh, which can go up to 300Km and the other version comes with a higher battery capacity of 64kWh and can go up to a range of 480km.

The company hasn’t made any proper announcement on whether they will be launching both the version in India or not. As of now we can expect them to launch the version with the battery capacity of 39Kwh. And they might launch their second version after the development of the proper charging infrastructure in India.

At this stage India does not have many charging stations in India and the government is working on installing a proper charging structure in the major cities of India, along with the government lots of power companies are also installing their private charging stations in major cities.

When it comes to the specifications of Kona, The 39kWh version has a power output of 136PS an 395Nm. It can go from 0-100kmph in just 9.7 seconds and it can reach a top speed of 155kmph. The second version having the battery capacity of 64kWh has the power output of 204PS and 395Nm. It can support fast charging by going from0-80% in just 54 minutes. The launch of Kona is going to create a huge excitement among the SUV lovers in India.