India Should Prioritize Two Wheeler Electrification

India is the country with huge population, it is always crowded with people and vehicle. The Indian roads are dominated by two and three wheelers. So the two and three wheeler segment in India Should prioritized for electrification. One of the study from the Ola Mobility Institute has said that, The total cost of ownership, including the direct and indirect costs of purchasing, Running and maintaining a commercial vehicle for the complete lifetime of the vehicle which is approximately four years are the most important reason for the need to increase the number of electric vehicles on the Indian roads.

The total cost of ownership distributing with equality for four wheelers are still years away, due to this all the other segments should be prioritized for electrification. This is said based on the insights who have driven more than 7.5 million km by Ola’s fleet of electric vehicles which is a combination of E-rickshaws and E-cabs.

The study was titled as “Beyond Nagpur: The Promise of Electric Mobility”. It was primarily focusing on experimenting with various scenarios that will test the abilities of electric vehicle to operate successfully on the economic metrics. Anand Shah, Senior Vice President and Head of Ola Mobility Institute (OMI), said that “We are convinced that the growing base of renewable energy combined with sound policy measures to promote high utilization of electric vehicles can make India an exemplar for a market-based electric vehicle ecosystem”.

The result showed that the E-mobility should leverage shared mobility as the largest fleets in the country are managed by the government, civic bodies and the app based mobility firms. The study also showed that shared, Public and commercial electric vehicles are the best way to bring down the total cost of ownership as opposition to the fact that electric vehicle to be used as personal vehicles.

There are lots of key advantages while you are replacing the batteries of the electric vehicle also. Keeping all these study results in mind the government should think about electrifying the most used types of vehicles that are the two wheelers and three wheelers.