List of Electric Vehicles With the Best Range on a Single Charge – Oneplug.

The electric cars have started to saturate the roads in both highway and city across the Indian states, this clearly shows that India is evolving into the new technology of transportations. The EV manufacturers are continuously developing new EV technologies to compete better with their combustion engine-powered counterparts. In this rush of creating better EV vehicles, the Tesla Cars have an upper hand, due to their earlier adaptation to the electric power market Tesla’s vehicles are leading when it comes to long-range on a single charge.

Over the past few years, all the automobile manufacturers across the world are committing their contribution to the EV revolution and they are announcing their development and launch of fully electric or hybrid model cars. The automotive leaders like Toyota, VW group, and Hyundai have publicly promised about their electrified vehicles that are yet to be launched in the next 5 to 10 years. Among the automakers
some of the brands focused on city cars while the others have gone for long-range vehicles, Tesla is currently leading the market in terms of the latter.

The following list is the top 5 vehicles with the highest range of single charge.

Tesla Model S Long Range
Range: 370 miles
Starting Price: $79,990
The Model S is the leading long-range vehicle in the market because of its 370miles range. This is expected to lose its crown because of its upcoming sibling, the Tesla Roadster, which is predicted to have a 620-mile range on a single charge.

Tesla Model X Long Range
Range: 325 miles
Starting Price: $84,990
Although it is in the second place of the list due to the range drop of 45miles this car compensates it by delivering an additional car space for two extra people. The total seating availability is seven and mode X is the first SUV that made to the list.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range and Performance
Range: 310 miles
Starting price: $47,990 and $55,990
Model 3 combines long-range and performance in one vehicle with third highest position in the market. The main difference between their variants is the top speeds and 0-60mph acceleration time.

Jaguar I Pace (all variants)
Range: 292 miles
Starting Price: $69,500
With 292 miles long range it is the fourth long-range vehicle on the market and it is the second SUV to occupy the list.

Kia e-Niro
Range: 282 miles
Starting Price: About $44,800
It is one of the most affordable and long-range vehicles available in the market. The list is based on the models available in the year 2019 this list might change in the upcoming years due to the new launches that are yet to be released. The tesla is going to launch Roadster for its 2020 debut and the Lightyear with the Lightyear One (450-mile range) and Volkswagen with the production of ID.3 (420 miles range) will be in competition for the top list. One thing that’ll never change is that Tesla cars will always be at the top even in the upcoming years.