Lithium ion battery costing high

Batteries have been around with us for decades and the invention of the battery was a big breakthrough in the electrical world. Batteries have been used for energizing various electrical and electronic devices, by now each and every individual in the world has a device that is powered by a battery.

The battery is made with different types of elements depending on the purpose and needs. When it comes to electric vehicles, they will be using three types of batteries. Lead acid batteries, Lithium Ion batteries and NiMH Batteries.

Among these three batteries the lithium ion batteries are mostly preferred for the electric cars because of its efficiency. But the drawback with the lithium ion battery is that it’s so expensive as compared with other types of batteries. Which will lead to increase in the cost of the electric vehicles.

Advantage of Li-ion battery

Lithium ion batteries can withstand hundreds of recharge cycles which is both charging and discharging. A lithium –ion battery loses only 5% of its total charge in a month, but NiMH battery loses about 20% of its total charge per month. It weights less as compared with other batteries of the same size or capacity.

It can store lots energy between the lithium ionic bond which can be transformed into a very high energy density. A lithium Ion battery can store 150 Watt-hour of electricity in 1 KG of battery. While the lead acid battery can only store 25 Watt-hours per KG.


One of the recent survey on EV batteries stated that the Cost of Lithium ion batteries is 4 to 8 times more than lead acid batteries and 1 to 4 times more that of the Ni-MH batteries. The cost of lithium –Ion battery is expected to decrease as the use of battery increases. As the market grows the manufacturers will be able to enjoy their economic scale.

The batteries which will be used in the future should lighter, smaller, less expensive and should have a higher life span. There are lots of research going on for batteries and sure the researches will make the batteries in a better way as the demand for batteries are increasing time to time.