ONEPLUG – One Stop Solution For All Your EV Charging Needs.

ONEPLUG being the innovation of ONEPLUG EV TECHNOLOGIES PVT.LTD is a
revolutionary concept in the area of electric vehicle charging business. With innovation at its
core competency, the company is able to provide fast, reliable, accurate and convenient charging
solutions at a reasonable cost. Ever-increasing infrastructure and services extension for vehicles
such as cars, E-rickshaws, two-wheelers with on-site charging support makes the organization a
notch above competitors in the same industry.
The focus of the company is not only providing charging supports to vehicles but also creating a
service experience to the passengers by providing basic amenities at the charging stations. Use of
the latest available technology in the market ensures that the charging process is safe and the
waiting time is the bare minimum.

Why ONEPLUG is a one-stop solution?

A. Charging stations
ONEPLUG operates a large network of charging stations with safe charging technology and
hassle-free bill generation that can easily be operated by even an unskilled user. Different
charging stations can easily be located by using the dedicated mobile applications which also
identifies the power needs of used vehicle and provide automated billing options. Mode of bill
payment and the time duration needed for charging of the vehicle can also be set through the
application for hassle free operation.
Technical features used in the charging stations include
1. Current leakage, Residual current and voltage fluctuation protection systems.
2. Pure DC power with zero power ripples
3. Internal cooling system with dedicated fans for faster heat dissipation and enhanced safety
4. Well-designed chagrining cable with multiple charging guns
5. Fire proof and shockproof wiring mechanism
6. Dedicated master control for higher efficiency, power monitoring, regulation and distribution.

B. Support functions at charging stations
1. High quality accessories suitable for EV’s such as battery water, self-start systems,
cooling fans, side view mirrors, analog and digital odometer etc.
2. Mobile application controlled operation with OTP based charging solutions for
convenient, fast charging and payment.

3. Presence of lounge facility, rest-rooms and drinking water facility is dedicated charging stations.
4. Warranty and support activities through the convenience of mobile application
The company through its innovation, infrastructure, support systems and service quality is
creating an electric vehicle driven ecosystem that would create new job opportunities as well as a
cleaner and sustainable environment for the upcoming generations