Plug In Electric Cars Is the Best Alternative Tech for the Future

The world always thinks about the future and continuously evolving its technology towards the future. Similarly, when it comes to driving their own vehicle they are always looking into the technology that could make their driving experience better. On their way to the transformation to new technology they have chosen for better driving experience is the electric cars.

However the diesel and petrol cars are still ruling the streets, but every year the number of electric cars sold are increasing gradually. These changes indicate that people are looking for a better alternate fueled vehicles for a better experience. This change might increase in the upcoming year and it is expected to completely change the streets by the year 2030.

“Of the competing with other powertrain options the electric vehicles are really close to become the leading conventional, alternative and are best positioned to lead the future light duty vehicle market”, Navigant research said in regards to a study conducted in march 2019. This study is conducted based on the data on the EVs sales doubling from 2017 to 2018 in North

America, and in China it has increased 77% over the same period. But the sales in Europe have increased by less value of 39% only. There are still some hurdles, from customer awareness to to charging infrastructure. Due to this fact the other alternate fuel vehicles and internal combustion vehicles are seen as more efficient.

In Europe, they are maintaining a stable petroleum pricing, this made the customers feel that the petroleum vehicles are more efficient and they are finding it hard to switch to EVs. The study also predicted that the EV market will get a booming sale in the year 2019 and 2020 and the global availability of the Tesla Model 3 will increase the scale in favor of plug in cars.