TATA SUV- The New Rage in Electric Vehicles

A glimpse of what lies ahead for the Indian car market in terms of electric-powered vehicles is
clearly visible through the aggressive world premiere of TATA’s new electric SUV Nexon EV.
The decision to grab the attention of SUV segment on EV category is due to Growing Indian
market appetite for SUV vehicles and shift in consumer preferences. Support from the
government and public have compelled many of the car manufacturers in rethinking their
product portfolio and have paved the way for completely electric-powered vehicles. Nexon EV
can be termed as the baby steps towards such a giant future leap.

What can the customer expect out of TATA Nexon EV?
 Price between the range of Rs. 15-17 Lakh
 Range of over 300km on a single full charge
 The unique paint job with bold colour pattern such as Electric Teal
 Comes with standardized features such as automatic climate control, two modes
of driving (Drive and Sport), keyless entry and push the start button
 Available on three different variants and based on variant s features such as dual-
tone colour option, diamond cut alloy wheels, 7.0-inch infotainment system, rear
camera, sunroof etc.
 State of the art connectivity features with 30 different characteristics such as
remote command, alter and instructions, phone application-based car control
 Premium interior with leather wrapped steering wheels, leathered seats and high-
grade plastic dashboard
 Fast Charging capabilities using a dedicated DC fast charger (Compatible with
CCS2 technology) which can charge from 0 to 80 percent in less than an Hour.
 Acceleration capacity from a standstill to 60 Kph in 4.6 sec and 100 Kph in 9.9
 Advanced driving enhancements such like  hill drive assist capabilities coupled
along with energy regeneration capabilities that can replenish the battery
 Built-in safety features such as dual front airbag and Isofix child seat mount
 Extended eight-year or 160000 km warranty on both the battery and motor.

The expected launch date of TATA Nexon EV is during the early 2020s, this would create a
ground for kick-starting a range of SUV class EV which would revolve around the 20 lakh price
mark. Competitors in the industry are also not letting their guard down as companies such as
Mahindra, Maruti and Renault are also introducing their own electric vehicles which are focused
towards different customer needs and segments. As the number of competitor’s increases, the
customers can expect new and advanced electric powered vehicles with one being far superior to
its predecessors in all aspect.