Tesla Cars Planning to Enter The Indian Market This Year

Tesla Cars, was started by Elon Musk in 2003, since then they have grown as the huge electric car manufacturer in the last decade. The companies first car was introduced in the year 2008 in order to showcase the capability of all electric cars. They have installed a battery backup that can deliver the power to travel nearly 320km when the battery is fully charged.

After few years they have launched their first, completely developed Model S sedan in 2012. Following the Model S they have introduced Model X SUV in 2015. Currently Tesla has grown into a demanding manufacturer in the field of electric cars. And their innovative technologies and ideas are making their models better day by day.

Elon musk has added a tweet saying that he would love to be in the Indian market, but due to some challenging government regulations he is not able to enter the Indian market. But every experts expect that these issues will be cleared and they will possibly enter the Indian market by this year.

The plan seems to be that they will step their foot into the Indian market by 2019 and start a full fleshed operation by 2020. If they enter the Indian market their first launch will be Model-3 as it is the most affordable car by most of the Indian buyers. It is no doubt that the cost of tesla cars is high for the Indian market, but there are more possibilities that they will adapt their models and price once they enter the Indian EV market.

Tesla cars are always focused on the advanced technologies and fantastic driving experience, currently they are doing lots of research on improvising their current models also. So, tesla cars might create many unexpected changes and advancement in the Indian market.