Top Electric Vehicle Battery Companies Around The World.

Asia can be termed as the global production house for Electric vehicle batteries and the pressure
is mounting on other parts of the globe such as Europe and the US to dive in on this lucrative
market. The major concern now is whether there would be enough batteries manufactured per
year so as to complement the growing electric vehicle market.
Some of the big shots in EV battery markers are

Chinas contemporary Amperex Technology or CATL is the world bigger manufacturer of EV
batteries and this is evident from the tie-ups they have formulated with companies like BMW,
Volkswagen, and Toyota. The companies backbone is the Chinese government, which had
facilitated the growth environment for the firm through flexible government policies.

2. Panasonic Corp.
Panasonic Japan is at the forefront of battery technology as they are the current battery suppliers
of Tesla cars. It is also rumored that the company is investing heavily in cutting edge technology
with a total investment budget of around 1.6 billion USD.

3. BYD Co. Ltd.
BYD Corporation limited from china is also a battery giant but the span of the market is limited
to only its own fleet of electric vehicles. They are currently looking for opportunities abroad as
proposals for a new cell production plant is under analysis in Europe.

4. LG Chemicals Ltd.
LG motors had long shown its interest in EV categories as it was assigned the contract for
supplying batteries for General Motor’s Volt (Predecessor to modern-day EV’s). LG is also the
current supplier for Ford, Renault, Hyundai, Volvo, and Volkswagen. On top of the current plant
in Shanghai China, the company is planning to build its new factory in the U.S.

5. Samsung SDI Co. Ltd.
Samsung can also be seen at the forefront of the race with its customer base of BMW, Volvo and
Volkswagen. The company currently owns and operates 3 different countries with the latest one
being in Hungary that have a total capacity of 50,000 EVs per year.

6. SK Innovation Co. Ltd.
Originally from the oil industry, SK shifted its focus on to battery segment in the recent past
only. The total investment plans of this company are about 3.9 billion dollars and the goal is to
expand their annual production capacity to 33 GWh from the current 4.7 GWh by the end of

FY2022. Recent associations with Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC) and car
manufacturers such as jaguar and Kia Motors have boosted the R&D capabilities of the