Who Said There are Just Electric Cars Only?

It is not just only electric cars that are gaining traction, the motor bike industry also see their future getting electrocuted. Till now only Hero and a handful of niche players were interested in electrical two wheeler category and that too in the scooter segment but recent updates from the CEO of Royal Enfield. Mr. Vinod Dasari have confirmed that even big players wants to ride along. Mr. Dasari on one of his interviews with economic times has given out hints that the company is working on a new range of products and electric motorbikes are one of them. Prototype of the product with an electric powertrain has already been put up for trails in the R&D center-UK. Even in the midst of
slowdown in sales, the company had already laid out plans for electric vehicles as they see the future to be completely running on electric energy.

Not just Royal Enfield but companies like Suzuki, the two wheeler giant in the Indian market had revealed their plans to build electric two-wheelers but it is still unknown weather this innovation would fall under the scooter or the bike category. The expected improvements on this new innovation would include:
 An easily swappable battery technology that enables range extension
 Expected range of 80-90 km on one single charge
 Sporty daily commuter design
 Connectivity features including Bluetooth enabled navigational assistant
 Remote tracking and Digital display panel

It is highly unlikely that Suzuki would enter into the e-scooter segment as the market place is already saturated with such variants, instead of which the focus would be on the motorcycle segment. Another silent player who has already started creating havoc in the Indian market is Revolt with its flagship RV400 and RV300 variants, which have already set its eye on the prize. Even though the price hovers around 1 lakh for either of the models, the bikes are very popular that they sold out for the year 2019. Standout features of the RV series includes:
 Three different riding modes with adaptable range in each modes
 Swappable battery with on-site support
 Key less entry using connected mobile application

 Zero to full charge in 4.5 hours
 Sporty design
 Inverted front suspension
 Best in class ground clearance
Above mentioned set of features would surely be giving a tough time to the new giants in electric race and it is highly likely that the tough competition amongst players would also bring in the electrified future of commutation a little closer to the present.