Why should you go for Electric Vehicles?

Electrical vehicles quality, reliability and performance used to be a nightmare as compared to conventional modes of transportation which ran on gasoline but these are slowly fading in the 21 st century. Technology has shown its magic on every front including range, battery, transmission, safety, and engine and even in comfort factors. A few reasons why electric vehicles are standing out in era are

 Electric vehicles cost less than fossil fuel powered ones in the long run
Even though the initial investment might be of a higher rate as compared to other vehicles, in the long run electric vehicles are much cheaper as compared to its counterparts when factoring in fluctuating fossil fuel price. There is also a favorable turn when it comes to price of the vehicle as it is getting less every single year

 Environmental Benefits
This is one of the obvious reason any one could think of and with the current panic around degrading environmental condition, switching to electric is a safe alternative. Motor vehicles are major contributors towards environmental pollution which can be regulated to a large extend using electric vehicles.

 Option for charging the vehicle at home
Just like your smartphone or laptop electrical vehicles can also be hooked up to a charging port at home unlike oil or gas powered vehicles that need a dedicated dispense station. At the ends of the day just plug it in and by the time you wake up the next morning your vehicle would be ready to hit the street.

 Low maintenance requirement
Fewer the moving parts means fewer the rate of wear and tear that translates to low maintenance challenges and this can save you a lot of money and time. With the integration of smart sensing technology into the electric vehicles, it is even possible to predict any form of future
maintenance in any part of vehicle.

 Support from the government
Union budget 2019 proposals such as lowering GST rates to 5 percent from current 12 percent and loan subsidies on purchase of electric vehicles are all indications of governments push towards electrifying the Indian roads. Vehicle manufactures are already provided with guidelines to switch to only electric vehicles by 2025.

 Integration of latest availed Tech Electric cars come with the latest available piece of tech available in the market that can make the ride comfortable and safe. Integration of features such as real time road sensing, windshield mounted display, face recognition and autopilot driving are a few of them. Analyzing the above mentioned points it is clear that Weather it is in absolute or in relative terms, electric vehicles have a clear advantage over convention modes of transport that are currently in use.